Right Sharing of World Resources

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RSWR is a Quaker organization supported primarily by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in the United States. RSWR has two main goals:

  1. Provide grants for women in the developing world to begin small income-generating businesses so that they may help themselves and their families out of poverty.
  2. Help Quakers in the United States learn about the negative effects of poverty in the developing world and the negative effects of materialism in North America

RSWR supports income-generating, self-employment projects for poor women who are members of a self-help group. The project must include a revolving loan component. We believe that small scale income-generating projects offer a means of establishing self-sufficiency to very poor people. By requiring that the project include a revolving loan program, we can multiple the impact of our grant as the funds are revolved many times to many different women within the community.


Who may apply?

In Sierra Leone, all groups must be self-directed by the women beneficiaries themselves. The leadership and management must come from within the group. The group cannot be formed or managed by outside coordinators. Additionally, the group must be registered with the local authorities and have a bank account, and the signers on the bank account must be three women who are members of the group.

What size grants does RSWR provide?

Up to US $5,500 for a one year project. Each group may receive only one grant. Exceptions can be made to this only if it is clearly shown that a second grant will support a different group of women.