Deadline has passed
135.000 $


The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement  of Sciences  invites universities,  scientific and research institutions and individuals  to submit nominations of Kuwaiti and Arab scientists for the 2020 cycle of the Kuwait Prize.

The five fields for the 2020 cycle of the Prize are : 

Basic Sciences :  Earth Sciences ( including but not limited to: geology,  atmospheric sciences meteorology, oceanography, mineralogy)

Applied Sciences :Engineering Sciences ( including  mechanical ,chemical, electrical, civil, computer, industrial, nuclear & petroleum engineering)

Economics and  Social Sciences : Administrative, Financial, and Banking Sciences

Art and Literature : Studies in the Fine and Performing Arts and Music

Arabic and Islamic Scientific Heritage : ( including but not  limited  to basic sciences, applied sciences, mathematics)


  1. KFAS accepts nominations that are provided by  universities academic and research institutions, scientific centres,  former laureates of the Kuwait Prize as well as  peers of the  nominees. KFAS does not accept nominations from political entities.
  2. KFAS also accepts self-nominations  that meet all criteria. To support  their self-nomination, individuals  must provide a  list  of five references: four academicians/ researchers  and  one  scientific institution. KFAS  will  seek out support letters from  three of these references ( two academicians  and the scientific institution).
  3. Nominations to fields 1-4 are open to nationals  of  Arab countries who possess evidence  that  demonstrates a birthplace  within  the Arab world,  or  hold  a  valid  Arabic passport.  Nomination  to the 5th  field ( Arabic, and  Islamic Scientific Heritage) is open to  all nationalities
  4. Nominees  must be  scholars who  hold  a PhD.