Fund against Child Labour - FBK

Deadline has passed


Do you represent an international company? Do you want to end child labour in your production chain? Find out if you can get support from the Fund against Child Labour (FBK).

FBK helps Dutch companies that:

  • research the root causes of child labour in their production chain;
  • take actions to prevent child labour at a local level;
  • taking measures to prevent child labour in their businesses.
We can support your project with a subsidy and a knowledge project. We inform you, advise you, and share knowledge.


  • If you apply for a subsidy for activities aimed at combating child labour, you must carry out those activities in partnership within four years.
  • You can find all the details of the FBK administrative rules and our project criteria in the unofficial translation of the Government Gazette.
  • FBK accepts applications for countries on the List of recipients of Official Development Assistance (pdf).


One of the conditions to apply is that your company finds partners. Your company must have partners with:

  • other companies in the same sector;
  • other organisations, such as NGOs or sector organisations;
  • local parties, such as local authorities, schools, children and parents.

Your partnership consists of at least:

  • 1 Dutch company
  • 1 NGO, and
  • 1 local company.

If you do not have a partnership with a local company yet, please explain in the project proposal how you will include a local company in your project. Only a Dutch company can apply for a subsidy.