Gray Matters Capital c 2020

Deadline has passed


Are women and girls crucial to, and an intentional part of your business model?

Does your enterprise work towards creating improved and sustainable futures for women and girls?

If yes, then apply now to coLABS, Gray Matters Capital’s gender-lens impact investing fund.

coLABS is an early-stage investment portfolio seeking to invest in bold, innovative, and widely scalable social enterprises that have the potential to dramatically improve the lives of women and girls across communities in Africa. In addition to the financial support, coLABS also works towards building the capacities of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises by extending advisory support and connecting them with other stakeholders in the social impact ecosystem.


What do we look for in early-stage companies?

Impact on Women – Does your enterprise work towards creating better futures for women and girls? Are you intentional about serving women?
Scalable – Do you have a scalable business model with solid potential for rapid growth within the next 5 years to exponentially impact the lives of women and girls? Are you ready to scale your business to maximize both social impact and financial returns?
Innovative – Are you bringing something new to market?
Early Stage – Have you tested your idea and seen it to be sustainable? Is revenue-share the appropriate type of investment for this enterprise?