The Caravan Africa Entrepreneurship Program, Ghana

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The Caravan Entrepreneurship Program (CEP), the flagship program of Caravan Africa Project, is an initiative that provides a comprehensive framework to accelerate industrialization and create mass employment for young people on the African continent by interlinking local value chains to create cross-border ecosystems of STEM capacities and micro-entrepreneurial skills which through synergies can create jobs, drive trade & boost integration for global competitiveness.


Who Can Apply

The program is open to the following selected categories of applicants;

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants: Ghanaian consultants with expertise in market access, design, public sector engagement, product design, auditing, logistics, accounting and business development.
  • Freelancers: Self-employed individuals with expertise in marketing, PR, Graphic design, technical writing and coding.
  • STEM Researchers: Local Researchers with expertise in low-toxicity preservation, natural emulsification, processed food formulation, skincare formulation, organic and inorganic chemistry, polymer research and the plastics space in general.
  • Wildcards – teams or companies outside of the selected value chains.
Eligibility Criteria

Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Applicants must be Ghanaian and be older than 18years of age.
  • Business ideas proposed in the application must be feasible.
  • Applicants must have knowledge and understanding of the proposed value chain product, the market, customers and competitors for their idea/business.
  • Applicants must understand the basic financial requirements of operating a business, costs and revenues.
  • Applicants must demonstrate potential for replication and growth of their value chain product or service to create jobs and wealth.
  • Applicants must demonstrate leadership potential, capable of attracting people, customers and resources.
  • Business ideas must be for profit and must be the original work of the entrepreneur making the submission.
  • Ability to allocate time and resources to participate in the program, including attending periodic meetings, and implementation of field testing/pilot project in Ghana and other African countries.