TWAS─Samira Omar Innovation for Sustainability Award

Deadline has passed


This annual award, named after the TWAS Fellow Samira Omar, will recognize scientists from Least Developed Countries (LDCs). It carries a cash award of USD4,000 generously provided by Professor Omar. The award will honour scientists working in an area relevant to sustainability

The 2020 award will be awarded to a scientist national of a LDC, living and working in a LDC during the last two years immediately prior to her nomination, based on scientific achievements in any of the thematic areas below:

- Clean and renewable energy
- Green chemistry
- Sustainable agriculture and agrobiodiversity
- Plastic: degradation, pollution and microplastics
- Water purification and sanitation
- Climate change: environmental effects, methane contribution, carbon capture
- Transportation technologies: efficiency for smart cities
- Waste management
- Biodiversity: the sixth mass extinction, ecosystem services, habitat recovery and restoration
- Ecological economics and planetary health