Support Fund Investment of Senegalese Outdoor - Senegal

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The Support Fund Investment of Senegalese Abroad (Faise) exists and survives only to serve you. As stated in the Senegal Emergent Plan (PES), the Faise aims to involve the Senegalese Diaspora in national development efforts through extension opportunities for productive investment.

Specifically, the Fund provides financial support for Senegalese Abroad in the creation and / or consolidation of businesses in growth sectors. The will of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Macky Sall expressed through the substantial increase in the Fund's budget, which increased from 300 million in 2012 to 3 billion five hundred million for this year (2018), enabled strongly revitalize Faise which now has two credit lines:

  1. Financing of Senegalese Abroad (ESF) whose main mission is to finance projects located in national territory and worn by fellow expatriates (women);
  2. Financing of Diaspora Women (FFD) which is for the promotion of women entrepreneurship in the host countries.


Criteria Related to PROMOTERS

  1. be Senegalese Abroad (Consular card or any other document proving the stay abroad)
  2. skills and experience in the investment field (CV or promoters)
  3. engagement of the promoter (intake staff 10%)
  4. Calculation of the project Internal Rate of Return.
  5. Calculating the Value Current Net (VAN)
  6. Recovery time Capital- Develop a file containing * Project Feasibility Study in four (04) copies,
  7. a funding application to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad.

Criteria Related to PROJECTS

  • location of the project in Senegal (regions are favored)
  • activity sector: agriculture and agribusiness, information technology and communication, tourism
  • cultural industry and crafts, textiles and clothing, sea and aquaculture products (transport, real estate and non-eligible trade);
  • number of jobs created (especially among youth and women);
  • economic viability of the project;
  • socio-economic impact of the project on the local level (the contribution of the project to the population);
  • Financing capped 15 million FCFA- Interest Rate = 6%
  • Repayment period = 5 years
  • Deferred = 6 months