EIC Horizon Prize for 'Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid'

Deadline has passed
5.000.000 euros


The challenge of this Prize consists in developing proven innovative and more cost-effective solutions to be used in a humanitarian aid context, based on frugal application of advanced technologies. This initiative is in line with the objectives of the last World Humanitarian Summit to find ways to better tackle humanitarian needs in a fast-changing world, develop strong partnerships and seek innovative solutions to current and future challenges. It will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Solutions should be novel (at the time of the submission) demonstrating the added value and potential of one or more advanced technologies (but should not involve only Information and Communication Technology (ICT6 )). They should serve the needs of and be designed in close cooperation with the affected populations, in particular of those in a most vulnerable situation (taking age, gender, disability and minority status into consideration). Solutions should be developed through a frugal innovation approach7 and enable cooperation between international organisations, NGOs, end-users, local actors, the private sector, but also research and innovation communities. Solutions can be understood as products or product-service combinations, that are of direct benefit to the affected population ("beneficiaries" of the solution), but also to humanitarian aid organisations and workers.


The contest is open to all legal entities (i.e. natural or legal persons, including international organisations) or groups of legal entities. Please note however that special rules may apply for entities from certain countries. Please also be aware that participants that have already received an EU or Euratom prize cannot receive a second prize for the same activities.