CS Fund & Warsh Mott Legacy

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CSF and WML’s grantmaking is forward thinking and evolves over time, yet is guided by a commitment to consistent, long-term support. Some organizations have received funding from the foundations for three decades. CSF and WML recognize the importance of general support and multi-year grants in building institutional strength and longevity and provide such support when appropriate. Project-restricted grants are also made in order to advance specific foundation objectives.


CSF and WML currently have three grantmaking focuses:

Emerging Technologies
While emerging technologies now being developed and commercialized may result in useful applications, they can also have serious negative social, environmental and political consequences. That’s why emerging technologies need precautionary assessment, regulation and oversight – including those that are fast tracked and marketed as “techno-fixes” or “green” panaceas to climate change and other crises.

Rights & Governance
CSF and WML’s Rights and Governance program area is dedicated to restoring and protecting the tenets articulated in the US Constitution.

We are especially focused on the areas of:

  • Dissent – Protecting and advancing the rights to free speech and assembly.
  • Open Government – Making the federal government more transparent, effective, and accountable.
  • Rule of Law – Ensuring that US national security policies respect constitutional rights, domestic laws, and international treaties.
  • The Constitution and the Courts – Building a progressive legal movement to counter conservative and corporate influence.

Food Sovereignty
Food sovereignty emphasizes the right of people to define their own localized, culturally appropriate, and ecologically sound food and agriculture systems. Food sovereignty is deeply connected to global struggles for a more socially just and sustainable world and integrates some of the most critical issues facing humanity into a clear mandate for action.

These program areas build upon related grantmaking undertaken since the foundations were established. Occasionally CSF and WML may also make other grants outside our established program areas to support innovative strategies for progressive social change.


All grantseekers should read this material carefully before applying. It may save you time and resources, should your organization or project not match the foundations’ funding priorities.

Please note that because CSF and WML consider grant proposals collectively, it is not necessary to apply to each entity separately.

Applicant organizations must be classified as a 501(c)(3) by the US Internal Revenue Service. Foreign applicants should note that CSF and WML make a very limited number of direct grants abroad (i.e., without fiscal sponsorship by a US-based organization). The foundations do not provide support to individuals, endowments, or direct lobbying activities.

How to apply