The Maypole Fund

38 days left


We give grants of up to £750.

Grants from the Maypole Fund have contributed to a wide range of activities. So far, Maypole money has helped with printing leaflets, mounting exhibitions and making videos.

Here is a very specific example out of very many:

  • a Maypole grant helped to finance legal costs for women arrested for opposing British arms sales to the Indonesian government to use against East Timor.

Deadlines for funding applications are: 31 January and 30 June of each year.


Our aim is to resource imaginative, non-violent activities by feminist anti-militarist women – whether individual women or women only groups – to proactively challenge patriarchy.

This means we welcome applications from women only for projects and activities for any of the following:

  • anti-militarism;
  • action against the arms trade;
  • action against nuclear weapons and weapons systems;
  • creating a culture of peace and nonviolence and the prevention of conflict and war;
  • action to support disarmament policies, processes and related initiatives.

We have chosen the following CRITERIA to help us prioritise and decide between applications – you should clearly explain how and why a particular criteria is relevant to your application:

  • Young women’s groups/individuals and lesbian groups/individuals;
  • Activities or projects not yet started;
  • Women who do not have access to other sources of funding or whose projects find it difficult to attract funding from elsewhere;
  • Imaginative/creative activities;
  • Individual and small women’s groups over larger established women’s groups.

How to apply

Deadlines for funding applications are: 31 January and 30 June of each year