EKOenergy international ecolabel for renewable energy

Deadline has passed


EKOenergy is the international ecolabel for renewable energy. EKOenergy labelled energy is always renewable and fulfills additional sustainability criteria set by environmental NGOs. For each MWh of sales, the supplier pays minimum €0.10 to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund.

The Climate Fund finances renewable electricity projects aimed at alleviating energy poverty in developing countries and regions.

This is a call for applications for solar energy projects to be financed in 2019 and 2020.We have approximately €200,000 in total to finance 4 to 8 projects – depending on the individual costs of selected projects.


We are looking for solar energy projects in which the contribution by EKOenergy is between €10,000 and €70,000.


Focus particularly (but not exclusively) on the following aspects:

  • Your previous experience in the field of renewable energy.
  • Your bookkeeping and resources: What is your annual budget and what are the main sources of income? Have you implemented projects that were co-financed by public authorities? How is your bookkeeping audited?
  • How do you plan to communicate about the project? How will you communicate at local level, in the country where the project is being implemented? And how can you help us share the news about your project towards energy consumers in general and users of EKOenergy-ecolabeled energy in particular? (This can include a cooperation with an EKOenergy licensee.)
  • How does your project contribute to extra renewable electricity generation and how much renewable energy will be produced?
  • How will the project be followed up after the installation?
  • What is the impact on the local community? (including links with the UN Sustainable Development Goals). How is the local community involved in the project?

If possible, illustrate with concrete examples of earlier or similar projects. Please base your application on the evaluation criteria listed below.