2019 Hackaday Prize

Deadline has been passed


A worldwide hardware design contest focused on product development. DesignLab connects you to engineers, expert mentors, and other powerful resources to take your product from concept to DFM.


$125,000 and a Supplyframe DesignLab Residency await the Best Product winner. There are five focus categories this year, with the winner of each receiving a $10,000 prize. And to help encourage those early beginnings, we have another $10,000 in seed funding set aside which means up to $500 for each of the top 20 entries who get in and gather those “likes” before June first.

There are a few areas of focus you should have in mind as you work on your products. These are Concept, Design, Production, Benchmark, and Communication. All entries are eligible to receive prizes related to these, and in addition to the $50,000 we mentioned above for the winner in each area, we have another $3,000 for each set aside to recognize an honorable mention.

$200,000 is on the line and the final results will be revealed live on stage at the Hackaday Superconference in November. Your name should be in one of those sealed envelopes!


COMPETITION CRITERIA AND WINNER SELECTION. Participants (or teams) will be evaluated at each stage as described below until prize winners are chosen. At each stage, submissions will be evaluated on the basis of the Project Profile. Any content or material not reflected on the Project Profile will not be considered. If a submission is disqualified or fails to progress to the next stage, the Participant or team will not have the opportunity to resubmit the project.

Entry Round: At the close of the Entry Round, Sponsor will select up to twenty (20) entries to advance to the final round based on the following four (4) evenly-weighted criteria:

i. Is this a unique solution to a particular challenge facing the world today?
ii. How thoroughly documented were the design process & design decisions?
iii. How ready is this design be taken to market?
iv. How complete is the project?

Community Vote: The community on hackaday.io will vote on entries. This will be decided by the “likes” metric shown on the Project Profile. On June 1, 2019 up to twenty (20) top Community Vote winners will be announced. Any hackaday.io user who registers on the hackaday.io website may participate in the Community Vote, including Participants, but registering as multiple people or providing false information during registration is prohibited.

How to apply