SEED AWARD Calling All Smart Life Creators Worldwide

4 days left


It is the world’s first creativity award that highlights the integration between technologies and everyday life, with the aim of discovering, encouraging and inspiring those who have a passion of life and are willing to embrace innovative ideas. Life is like a seed. A seed will only sprout when sufficient nutrients have been provided in the first place, and innovative ideas and the readiness to put them into practice are the very nutrients to live a meaningful life. We sincerely invite you to live a better life by harnessing the power of science and technology.


If you are passionate, full of creative ideas, and have the determination to explore your ideas with the assistance of science and technology, we now sincerely invite you to join us regardless of age, gender, profession and nationality.

You are certain to take advantage of many benefits of the SEED AWARD, including a stage to exhibit your talent to global audiences, supervision and guidance by real experts, an opportunity to win a cash prize worth ¥1,000,000 and global media exposure.


  • Entry Categories: Healthcare, AI+IoT, Intelligent Transportation, Energy-Efficient, Intelligent Hardware, etc.
  • All entries should apply science and technology to address the pain points in real life, and these entries should be innovative, fun and with social significance.
  • There is no format requirement for all submitted entries, be it software or hardware.
  • Entries that are departed from real life, not technologically practiced, or not original designs are not eligible for this award.

How to apply

  • May to June  -  Preliminaries
    Global selection of entries. By June 30th, top 10 entries will be selected in each division, and a total of 30 outstanding entries will be made qualified to the next round and rewarded ¥30,000 each.
  • July to September   -  Semi-Final in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe
    Entrants for semi-final in three divisions will deliver demonstrations onsite for scoring by judges. Top 3 teams in each division will be selected for the finals.
  • September   -   Repechage Voting
    The eliminated teams will be given one chance of revival, and only one team will be made qualified to continue the competition through repechage voting by netizens.
  • October  - The Final in China
    10 teams will demonstrate their works onsite. The world’s top scientists and industry experts will review and select the winner of SEED AWARD.