Vincent van Gogh Photo Award

4 days left
€ 1000


Let the theme ‘Faces of the World’ inspire you in a contemporary way.
Think out of the box, just like Vincent used to do. Surprise everyone!
Let the camera be your paint brush and participate in this contest!

It actually is a broad theme, with many possibilities and freedom for the photographers.

– What do you see through the lens as the face of this world?
– Who or what is the face of this world for you?
– Is this actually a face of a person?
– Or is this a landscape or place in the world that you have recorded with your camera?
– Do you know someone or a group of people who are the face of the world for you?
– How do you experience our world as a photographer?
– Is it a beautiful paradise or is it not?
– Are 
they the worldly problems?

Light also played an important role in his paintings.
Vincent was able to capture the light beautifully on the canvas.
Photography literally means writing with light

The  possibilities are endless!! Be inspired by our theme, with your images!

There is no need to refer to-, or incorporate Vincent van Gogh or Nuenen in the photo(s).
The title of this event is a tribute to Vincent.
He recorded with a brush, what he saw and experienced.
You can do this through the lens of the camera, because maybe your picture hangs in the living and working world of Vincent in his period in Nuenen!
Let your inspiration as a photographer take its course.


In addition to the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award, this edition will also include a competition for students.
This competition is co-organized by the SintLucas.

All students can participate in the Student Award,
and students of the SintLucas are requested to registrate with their personal SintLucas email address.