Citizen Science for species discovery

105 days left
$5,000 to $30,000


Proposals should activate a network of citizen scientists to help support the discovery of species, bridge biodiversity gaps, and accelerate biodiversity data collection, identification, and classification. We encourage proposals for work in any biome.



Priority will be given to citizen science projects that do one or more of the following:

  • Support citizen scientists to conduct inventories, surveys, and/or research in areas that demonstrate a likelihood for new species discoveries due to species endemism and richness, especially where these have been highly damaged or threatened by human activities.

  • Support the rediscovery of species where there is evidence a species thought to be extinct may still exist.

  • Support the surveying of and primary data collection on species occurrences and abundances for species and regions with limited existing data.

  • Encourage students and other citizen scientists who engage with these projects to build the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary to become stewards of the planet and contribute to solving real-world issues.

For citizen science proposals, participation and data generation are of equal importance. Participation must be free for all users and cannot incorporate for-profit activities. Technologies might include mobile applications, web-based applications, or hardware and sensors with direct citizen science usage. Projects should create learning experiences through the collection of data and/or ground-truthing of data relevant to the trends or status of threatened, poorly understood, and undiscovered species.

Applicants should be willing to share collected biodiversity information not related to the discovery of new species to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) through a GBIF data publisher such as Map of Life or contribute them via citizen science mobile apps such as iNaturalist within the duration of the grant.

Proposals may request $5,000 to $30,000. The budgets of successful proposals will include reasonable, well-justified costs directly required to complete the project. Please see the Preparing Your Proposal page regarding budgetary guidance, including stipend eligibility, and justify all budget requests in detail. Successful applicants may use awarded funds over one to two years.

When applying for this RFP, please select “Wildlife” in the Lens dropdown menu on the Project Description tab of the application.