Unusual Solutions Competition

Deadline has been passed
USD 100,000


It is a global competition inviting bright and creative individuals and teams from all over the planet and especially innovators from Latin America, Africfa, Asia and Oceania to submit solutions on how to best tackle 3 challenges: Drone & Data AI, Last Data Mile and Drone & Data Ethics.



The competition addresses the 3 following “challenges” (themes). three themes are as follows:

  • How can drone data and AI tools become more relevant to solving local social challenges?
  • How to turn drone data into action by bringing back drone data and insights to beneficiaries?
  • How can drones and the data collected using drones be used ethically to solve local problems?

You will find more info on our website and will get a detailed application package when you sign up!


The Competition is open to organisations (not-for-profit / for profit / academic and research organisations) and individuals globally. If you are an individual, you will need a company as a fiscal sponsor to move on to the next phase of the competition should your idea be chosen to enter the finalist round.

Having a fiscal sponsor means being associated with a registered business entity in your country so that we can distribute the cash prizes as per legal requirements. Do not let this prevent you from applying and submitting your idea! Should it be selected we can provide you with guidance to go through the process.