The Takagi Fund for Citizen Science

Deadline has been passed


Grant Amounts

Maximum grant amount per application this year is US$5,000. In case your planned research or training activities would cost more than that amount, please contact the Secretariat before submitting an application. NOTE: The total grantfor the year 2020 is JP¥ 2,000,000, roughly equivalent to US $18,000 (at August 2019 rate).

Term of support

The basic term of support is for one year (January to December, 2020) after the grant agreement. Applicants who wish to apply for a shorter or longerterm should consultthe Takagi Fund Secretariat.

What we prefer to fund

  • Projects which tackle urgent issues in which science and technology are threatening civil society and environment, and related policy issues.
  • Projects which contribute to enhancing human rights, human security, conservation of nature, alternative economy and peace for all citizens without exclusion of the most disadvantaged.
  • Projects which have imagination and conceptual power, backed by expertise and appropriate methodology, with planning and budget adequately designed.
  • Projects which have a clear and practical vision of how to apply the findings to society or to calling for policy changes.
  • Projects dealing with issues for which the Japanese government and/or corporations are partly or fully responsible.
  • Projects which are implemented by community-based organizations or in close collaboration with them.
  • Projects which are implemented in a peaceful manner employing non-violent means only.


This grant is for individuals or groups from Asian countries and regions who pursue Citizen Science as defined by the Takagi Fund. Applicants are not required to have defined or designated themselves as engaged in Citizen Science prior to application.