UKRI-NHMRC Built Environment and Prevention

Deadline has been passed



Through the UKRI-NHMRC Built Environment Prevention Research Scheme, MRC, ESRC, and the NHMRC aim to support world-leading prevention research seeking to address the shared burden of NCDs influenced by the built environment.

The collaborative research projects will aim to generate evidence that can be translated into actionable, sustainable and cost-effective ways of preventing NCDs, to improve population health and reduce health inequalities in the UK and Australia.


The objectives of the funding call are to:

invest in competitive and innovative collaborative research projects between researchers from Australia and the UK that will enable the pursuit of shared research interests on preventing NCDs associated with the built environment. The investment will strengthen collaborations between academic researchers in institutions across both countries.
to deliver multidisciplinary approaches to preventing NCDs that address the influences of the built environment on NCDs.


The UKRI-NHMRC Built Environment and Prevention Research Scheme has specific eligibility criteria, applications will be excluded from consideration if eligibility requirements are not met:

  • A research project must consist of Australian researchers collaborating with a research team from the UK involved in the call.
  • Proposals must seek to generate research outcomes relevant to the prevention of NCDs in the context of the built environment in the UK and Australia.
  • Submission of the compulsory Intention to Submit form. This is a compulsory stage and a full application will not be considered if an Intention to Submit is not provided.