Loewe Foundation Craft Prize

Deadline has been passed
50,000 euros


The aim of this Prize is to disseminate and raise awareness of the work of talented craftspeople, sharing their greatest achievements. The LOEWE FOUNDATION aims to recognise outstanding works that show artistic vision and innovation, and which reflect the personal language and distinct hand of their maker. The LOEWE FOUNDATION aims to support artistic craft and acknowledge leading artisans from around the world at the forefront of their fields. The winning work should reinterpret tradition to make it relevant now and demonstrate the continuing valuable contribution to the culture of our time.


The Prize for the winning piece of work is fifty thousand euros (50,000 euros). The winning entry can be made up of either one single piece of work or one series of works.

Prizes will be subject to the withholding of the corresponding Spanish personal income tax (Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas, IRPF) in accordance with current legislation in Spain.

The works created by the Winner and Finalists will be included in the exhibition ‘LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2020’ (herein after ‘the Exhibition’) and its accompanying catalogue, on view in Paris in the spring of 2020 or any other location that LOEWE FOUNDATION may deem appropriate.


All participants must be professional artisans of 18 years or older at the time of the submission of entries. Entries may be made by an individual or collective (as a ‘group submission’). Businesses and mercantile companies of any kind are excluded. All nationalities are welcome.

Each participant can present either one single piece of work or one series of works, understood as a number of objects considered as a single artistic creation (henceforth, ‘the Work’). This should fall within an area of the applied arts and, as a guide, within the following categories: ceramics, bookbinding, enamelwork, jewellery, lacquer, metal, furniture, leather, textiles, glass, wood, paper, etc.

Materials and products outside the categories listed are not excluded; they may be accepted by the Experts Panel if they comply with the aim and requirements of the competition.

Dangerous, prohibited or alive materials are excluded.

Due to limitations of the exhibition space, the work has to be able to pass through an access of 2.00 by 1.30 meters, whole or in pieces.

All Works must:

  • Be owned by the participant, at all times, since its creation until the end of the License period,
  • Be an original one-off piece, handmade or partly handmade by the participant,
  • Have been recently created (in the last five years),
  • Have won no prizes previously,
  • Be innovative, in the sense that it updates tradition,
  • Demonstrate artistic intent,
  • Be able to travel and be installed by LOEWE and/or the LOEWE FOUNDATION,
  • Do not exceed the maximum measures