Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration

Deadline has been passed


The Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration aims at:

  • Rewarding individuals and groups for efforts in promoting European integration and federalism;
  • Encouraging citizens, in Europe and abroad, to promote, contribute to, and strengthen European integration and unity; and
  • Honouring Jean Monnet’s memory and life-long engagement in favour of European integration and federalism.


  • The contest for the Jean Monnet Prize is free and open to all individuals or groups— whether formally registered as an organisation or institution or not and regardless of their citizenship—having developed and implemented (or started to implement) a project supporting European integration, be it from a political, economic, social, cultural or other perspective.
  • The project, or substantial parts of it, must have already been set up or implemented; the Prize does not seek to reward a project in need of funding to initiate its implementation.
  • Applicants must be over 18. In case of a group, members of the group may be below 18, provided the individual in charge of and carrying out the application be over 18.