Tinker Field Research

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Tinker Field Research Grants are awarded to universities with Centers of Latin American Studies for the provision of travel grants to graduate students with little or no previous field experience so they can conduct pre-dissertation or thesis research in Latin America (defined here as the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of the region).

Awards are open to students from all academic disciplines and graduate degree programs. The goal of the program is to offer students an opportunity to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of language and culture; to familiarize them with information sources relevant to their studies; to conduct pilot studies and preliminary investigations that will inform their dissertation proposals or theses; and to develop contacts with scholars and institutions in their fields of study. Pre-dissertation doctoral students and those seeking master’s or professional degrees are eligible to apply for support.

Two levels of support in the Field Research Grants competition are available – $10,000 and $15,000 per annum.  Programs that are less developed and/or relatively new are encouraged to apply for the $10,000 level award.


The following criteria will be considered in the Foundation's selection process:

  1. Quality of the overall program in Latin American Studies, with particular emphasis on its graduate component.
  2. Immediate benefit to the Latin American Studies program that will result from the availability of Field Research Grants at the university.
  3. Level of general university support for Latin American Studies as demonstrated by past commitments and future projects.