Nominations for Lush Prize 2020

Deadline has been passed


The Prize has always been encouraged by the potential of 21st century technologies like genetics and robotics to replace the Victorian-era technology of live animal use. This year it is expanding its vision to seek nominations from researchers working specifically in computational toxicology, organs-on-chips and molecular pathways.  


The Lush Prize rewards initiatives across science and campaigning that work to end or replace animal testing, particularly in the area of toxicology research.

Science Prize. For individuals, research teams or institutions for work most likely to lead to practical non-animal tests which could be accepted by regulators.

Training Prize. For individuals, teams or organisations establishing training programmes in using non-animal methods.

Young Researcher Prize. For young scientists (up to 35 years of age) focused on an animal-test free future.

Public Awareness Prize. For individuals, teams or institutions raising awareness of animal testing.

Lobbying Prize. For exceptional individuals, groups or organisations pushing for change.

Black Box Prize. The entire prize fund may be awarded for a key breakthrough in human toxicity pathways research.


The prize is for projects, organisations, institutions or individuals focussed on ending the use of animal testing or for research into non-animal tests, or promoting the use of non-animal tests.

Lush Prize is a global prize - you can nominate from anywhere in the world.

From 2019 Lush Prize has become a biennial event.