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Bold ideas depart from the status-quo and require us to look at a problem and its solution in a new light. Big ideas have a high potential for large-scale impact and sustainable change. Combined, ideas that are big and bold hold the promise of substantively improving the conditions for those in need in new and unheralded ways.

What types of projects are a good fit?

A project that improves on what’s already out there and has the potential for tangible impact is a good fit. A cutting-edge product, an experimental program, or a new service are all in our wheelhouse. Ideas that can be replicated, taken to scale, or leverage existing infrastructure are also a good fit. We also favor projects that inspire others, build on partnerships (public and private), and that are inclusive of those they are intended to benefit.


Who can apply to the Catalyst Fund?
Anyone. No one has a lock on a great idea. The Catalyst Fund has been created to source ideas from all corners of the globe.  You can be a seasoned social entrepreneur or a first-time changemaker. There are no disqualifiers. No prerequisites.