Conservation Fund - Awards

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The ABC's Conservation Programme supports small to medium sized conservation projects in Africa. Since 1996, it has supported a wide variety of projects including training courses, research into threatened species and promotion and awareness of conservation issues in Africa.


ABC Conservation Awards - Maximum Grant £3,000

The Club aims to encourage as wide a range of ideas as possible, and funds approximately 10-15 Conservation Awards each year. Many different types of project can be considered so long as there is a clear conservation objective. These could include: 

- survey and research into African birds;
- educational projects or training courses;
- production of guides to the common birds of a country in local languages;
- interpretation material for nature reserves;
- other ideas will be considered.

ABC Expedition Awards - Maximum Grant £5,000

The African Bird Club gives out a smaller number of Expedition Awards each year for larger, more ambitious projects. These usually involve the proponent travelling to a foreign country to undertake the project. Funding for these projects is often obtained from a number of source