VBHC Prize 2020

45 days left


VBHC Prize rewards and recognizes inspiring initiatives that have adopted a fundamentally new line of thinking in creating excellent patient value in terms of real outcomes, real connections, and one common language. Each year, one excellent initiative is awarded the VBHC Prize, a prestigious prize awarded by a renowned international jury, and announced by honorary chairman Harvard professor Michael Porter, PhD.


All winners and nominees are great inspiring examples for everyone in health care aiming to deliver excellent patient value. Let’s celebrate the successes and hard work of all who focus on providing patient centered care. Be at the center of health care innovation, network among the pioneers in delivering patient centered care, and become inspired by great VBHC initiatives during the VBHC Prize event.


Does your initiative contribute to better healthcare? And are the activities of your initiative focused on what is is the best for patients? Then you could be the Value-Based Health Care Prize  winner of 2019! We encourage you to apply if the following criteria points are applicable to your initiative:

  • Delivers excellent patient value;
  • Is patient centered and doctor driven;
  • Is organized into IPUs;
  • Has (international) collaborations 
  • Is cost-effective within the full cycle of care
  • Is implementable for a wide range of healthcare issues as well as having potential for upscaling