Climate change, biodiversity, food systems: Agriculture-Based Solutions

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Research teams are encouraged to apply and position themselves in at least 1 axis and, if possible, the nexus of 2 or 3 axes by: 1) Identifying the best axis representing their field of research; 2) interrogating the stakes affected by their research work; and 3) interrogating the interactions and potential contradictions between SDGs and the Foundation’s three cross-cutting axes.

The Foundation seeks to encourage and mobilize a combination of disciplines, revisit their research practices and ways of building research projects. Proposals should include new (to the extent possible) collaborations (or reinforce existing ones) between researchers, disciplines, approaches and methodologies (including participatory research involving key stakeholders) so as to tackle, directly or indirectly, sustainable development challenges.

Thematic coverage

The present Call for Proposals (CfP) builds on the results of the aforementioned scientific consultation process. Its generally broad scope is designed to generate proposals addressing the various themes identified under each of the three crosscutting axes, which are fully aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDGs 12, 13 and 15.


  1. A submitted proposal should tackle at least one of the crosscutting axes presented in Section III.
  2. The lead proponent should be from one of the research units belonging to the Foundation’s scientific network (Labex Agro)9 .
  3. Scientists from research units or institutions outside of the Foundation’s scientific network can participate as partners.
  4. A scientist can coordinate only one project funded under this specific CfP.