Inter-American Foundation | Community Development Grants

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The IAF funds the self-help efforts of grassroots groups in Latin America and the Caribbean to improve living conditions of the disadvantaged and the excluded, to enhance capacity for decision-making and self-governance, and to develop partnerships with the public sector, business and civil society. The IAF does not identify problems or suggest projects. Instead it responds to initiatives presented. Projects are selected for funding on their merits rather than by sector.


The IAF looks for the following in a project it funds:

  • innovative solutions to development problems
  • creative use of the community’s resources
  • diverse array of community voices in project development and execution
  • substantial beneficiary engagement in:
    • the identification of the problem addressed
    • the approach chosen to solve it
    • the design of the project
    • management and evaluation of activities
  • partnerships with local government, the business community and other civil society organizations
  • potential for strengthening all participating organizations and their partnerships
  • feasibility
  • evidence of eventual sustainability
  • counterpart contributions from the proponent, the beneficiaries and other sources
  • the potential to generate learning
  • measurable results
  • evidence of beneficiaries’ enhanced capacity for self-governance