Stories of tropical rainforest

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Tropical rainforests cover about two percent of Earth's total surface area, but they provide habitat for half of terrestrial plants and animals on earth. Millions of indigenous peoples who call these rainforests home — as they have for millennia — have proven to be the best guardians of these forests, but other human influences have never been a more imminent threat. Today is a time of great challenge and great opportunity in the rainforests of the Amazon River basin, the Congo River basin, and the Indonesian and Malaysian archipelagos.

We need journalists, photographers, filmmakers, cartographers, data visualizers, and socially-connected storytellers who can show us what we might lose if these biomes are not protected and highlight potential solutions that have the power to create real, sustainable improvements.


Examples of potential story angles:

  • Connected impacts in cities and farming communities
    We know about threats such as deforestation, but what stories haven’t been told? What’s happening with more subtle interactions such as the introduction of urban pollution or the decreases in insect biomass? Where do sources of resilience exist? 

  • Indigenous peoples and traditional community voices
    Millions of people live, work and play in the Amazon, the Congo, and the tropical forests of southeast Asia. What are sustainable solutions that account for both the ecosystems and the people who depend on them? How can a mix of technology and tradition foster guardianship within indigenous and traditional communities?

  • Solutions and resilience
    How are communities, individuals, and/or wildlife in these regions adapting to the changing climate? Are there innovative ways to reveal how recent climate changes affect local communities, ecosystems and biodiversity?