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The purpose of Ekhagastiftelsen is to promote human health by supporting the development of better food, natural medicines and healing practices, and to support research for a healthier way of life, which in itself may have a disease preventive effect.

A central idea is to focus more on preventive active care than reactive care to combat symptoms. The same applies to the agricultural and food areas where the focus should be to find methods that can prevent various problems instead of focusing on their manifestations.
The focus should not be on tackling problems, but rather finding ways to prevent their occurrence.

Prioritized research areas

In accordance with Gösta Videgårds wishes and interests the foundation supports certain specific research areas

  • Better and healthier food
  • Nutrition and way of life
  • Complementary medicine and natural medicines


Ekhagastiftelsen does not have any restrictions regarding from which country an application can come. We accept applications from all over the world.

For applications that do not come from Europe we strongly recommend that you have a reserach cooperation with a swedish institution where the partner is involved in the research project. Please be sure to describe the details of the cooperation.

We do not have any formal requirements that applications can only come from institutions (universities, colleges, research institutions, etc.).

It is possible to apply for scholarships, but these are normally only granted for research related projects. We do not sponsor basic education at university level.