Asian Development Bank

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Get a $50,000 grant to try out your innovative solution to your local water problem, be it an approach, a technology, or a business model.


  1. Know if your institution is qualified to apply for a pilot and demonstration activity (PDA). Institutions and organizations eligible to apply for a PDA are:
    • Government agencies (national and subregional) or local governments in ADB’s developing member countries
    • International and national nongovernment organizations
    • Academic and researcih institutions
  2. Write your PDA proposal. Download PDA Request Form. Your PDA proposal should be of an innovative water project that:
    • Can be implemented within 12 months or less
    • Requires no more than $50,000 financial assistance
    • Does not duplicate ongoing or pipelined activity in the developing member country
    • Is directly relevant to the sector outcomes cited in the Country Partnership Strategy for the country concerned
    • Is directly linked to an ADB project
    PDA proposals are reviewed based on technical merits, innovation, and potential for replication. Proposed projects that would not qualify are:
    • Projects wholly comprised of workshops and conferences
    • Projects wholly comprised of training/course materials development
    • Projects wholly focused on capacity building
    • Activities that would typically be included in a technical assistance (TA) or loan-funded project
    • Activities merely adding to an actual TA or project, e.g. preparation of additional sub-project appraisal reports