GCHERA World Agriculture Prize 2020

57 days left


The GCHERA WORLD AGRICULTURE PRIZE is the international award of the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for the Agricultural and Life Sciences (GCHERA). The Prize aims to encourage the development of the mission of higher education institutions in education, research, innovation and outreach in the agricultural and life sciences by recognizing the distinguished contribution of individuals to this mission. Two 100,000 USD prizes will be awarded in 2020 with at least one recipient coming from a country NOT classified as having a developed economy. 


The nominee will demonstrate exceptional and significant achievement in his or her engagement in the mission of higher education institutions relating to the agricultural and life sciences. This impact will most likely be demonstrated in the work of the nominee in the development of higher education in the institution(s) in which the nominee has served, and in the wider geographical region of the institution(s). This engagement in the mission of higher education institutions will most likely have changed in emphasis, scope and the level of achievement as the nominee’s career has progressed.

To be more specific, as indicated in the Introduction above, the nomination will demonstrate the extent to which the nominee has:

  • provided innovation and leadership in the education programmes of students at the Bachelor and Master levels, and in the delivery of lifelong learning,
  • engaged in research for the advancement of science for the benefit of society, working with colleagues, and mentoring PhD Students and Post Doctorate staff
  • provided leadership in the strategic development of the institution(s) in which the nominee has worked, not necessarily only his/her home institution but other institutions regionally or internationally
  • engaged with the higher education institutions’ stakeholders, enterprises, government, NGOs and civil society in the immediate locality, regionally and internationally to strengthen knowledge transfer, innovation initiatives, and outreach ventures which have led to the enhancement of society’s well being
  • been an inspiration to students, to colleagues at all levels and to leaders in the wider regional and international community.