Improving Access to and Use of Safe and Appropriate Cesarean Section

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Cesarean section (CS) is a life-saving procedure for mother and newborn. However, too often c-section is not available, is provided without adequate quality, or is provided when not medically indicated - all dimensions that lead to maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity. We see an opportunity to nurture the field to identify and demonstrate feasibility of interventions to address challenges related to safe, timely, and appropriate cesarean section in low and middle income countries.


We invite proposals for interventions to address the following challenges related to the cesarean section:

  1. Increasing access to cesarean section where it is currently inadequate
  2. Increasing quality and safety of cesarean section to reduce iatrogenic harm to both mothers and newborns
  3. Reducing rates of non-medically indicated cesarean section.

Interventions addressing more than one challenge (e.g. quality and access) are encouraged. In some geographies all three of these challenges exist simultaneously, at different times for different populations; in other geographies only one or two of these challenges predominate. Applications should clearly state which of these three challenges is being targeted and provide clear rationale for why the intervention is likely to address the challenge. We are particularly interested in geographies with high fertility and weak health systems that will face challenges to ensure the provision of safe c-sections can keep pace with medical need, and we will thus consider applications proposing activities to be implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh).