Development opportunities

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program LIBERIA

342 days left
The program will continue to support construction projects, short term skills development initiatives, provision of school furniture and textbooks, as well as supporting income generation activities...

Coopération Québec-Kyoto

35 days left
Cet appel à projets vise ces secteurs : le développement économique, entre autres dans les secteurs du multimédia et de l’intelligence artificielle; les villes intelligentes dans la...

Solidarity is Power! Laos Sudden Opportunity Grant

221 days left
5,000-90,000 Euro
Through this sudden opportunity grant, Voice Laos is calling on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to undertake a joint action to address specific, unanticipated opportunities to influence policy and...

Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Award

9 days left
The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award aims to encourage those working in knowledge-related fields to innovate and create new ways to spread knowledge around the world. Areas of the...

Societé civile francophone - Objectifs de developpement durable

2 days left
Fort de ces constats, l’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) et le ministère français de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères (MEAE) décident de lancer un appel à projets...

The Green Alley Award

32 days left
25,000 Euro
The Green Alley Award is the award for startups and entrepreneurs in the circular economy. Our mission is to turn the linear into a circular economy and transform the waste and recycling...

15e Commission de coopération Québec-Vietnam

Deadline has been passed
Les objectifs poursuivis par cet appel à projets sont les suivants : appuyer la réalisation d’activités novatrices ou structurantes qui produisent des retombées concrètes dans les secteurs...

AKSYON NGAYON! Philippines Sudden Opportunity Grant

221 days left
€5,000 to €200,000
Have you identified an emerging threat impacting local civic space? Do you see an unexpected opportunity to show solidarity towards and between (a) Voice target group(s)? Have circumstances changed...

Voice Global . Mtandao Huru! Fursa ya Dharura

221 days left
€ 5000 - €200000
Collective action that will impact at least one or more of the Voice target groups; Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence, People with Disabilities, Age discriminated (youth and...

The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development

144 days left
$1,000 to $5,000
The Jerusalem Fund extends grants to non-governmental organizations providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem, and to Palestinian refugees in Syria and...

EIC Horizon Prize for 'Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid'

114 days left
5.000.000 euros
Solutions should be novel (at the time of the submission) demonstrating the added value and potential of one or more advanced technologies (but should not involve only Information and Communication...

Clif Bar Family Foundation

221 days left
We started Clif Bar Family Foundation in 2006 to support grassroots groups with inspiring ideas and limited funds. We believe in the wisdom of starting small, seeing what works, and growing it...

Inter-American Foundation | Community Development Grants

221 days left
The IAF funds the self-help efforts of grassroots groups in Latin America and the Caribbean to improve living conditions of the disadvantaged and the excluded, to enhance capacity for decision-making...

U.S. Ambassador’s Small Grants program NIGERIA

342 days left
10,000 $
Under the ASG, projects must originate in the community, and the community members need to make significant contributions to the success of the project, such as land, labor, funds, materials, ongoing...