Litterature opportunities

Writer's residency in Burkina Faso

45 days left
General conditions of the residency: - 2 or 3 residencies of 4 weeks in Ouagadougou in 2019/20- 3 authors per residency (1 from Burkina Faso, 2 from other African countries)- Meetings and working...

Copyright Agency’s Author Fellowship

123 days left
The Copyright Agency’s Author Fellowship will support an established Australian author to create a new work for publication or performance and is open to novelists, playwrights, poets, children’s...


69 days left
1000 €
L’appel à écritures Indianocéanie est un appel à écrire des textes sans genre littéraire imposé. Il est ouvert à l’expression littéraire comme aux romans, aux nouvelles, aux essais,...

Moth International Short Story Prize

38 days left
The first prize is a monetary award worth €3,000. The second prize will be a week-long writing retreat at Circle of Misse in France (this prize includes a sum of €250 for the purposes of covering...

Rattle Poetry Prize

53 days left
One $10,000 Winner and ten $200 Finalists will be selected in a blind review by the editors of Rattle and printed in the Winter 2019 issue;  one $2,000 Readers’ Choice Award will then be chosen...

The Bridport Prize 2019

8 days left
The competition is organized by the Bridport Arts Centre. We're an open writing competition that is dedicated to finding and encouraging the most promising new writers from across the world. Each...

Le Prix Ibn Khaldoun – Léopold Sédar Senghor

8 days left
10 000 euros
Le Prix a pour objectifs : de récompenser les traducteurs de la langue arabe vers la langue française et de la langue française vers la langue arabe, pour faire connaître les œuvres...