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Deadline has passed
entre 1.000 et 10.000 €
Les candidats sont invités à proposer des projets originaux, ludiques, pédagogiques sur la place et le rôle de l’Europe dans notre quotidien. Ils s’attacheront particulièrement à :...

NGO Grant to promote the fight against sexism

Deadline has passed
G8.1A ENG Call for Proposals for BO or VC The purpose of the Project is to implement awareness-raising activities on sexism at the national level and to promote the implementation of Council of...

Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration

Deadline has passed
The Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration aims at: Rewarding individuals and groups for efforts in promoting European integration and federalism; Encouraging citizens, in Europe and abroad,...

Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid

Deadline has passed
1.000.000 euros
The challenge of this Prize consists in developing proven innovative and more cost-effective solutions to be used in a humanitarian aid context, based on frugal application of advanced technologies....

Implementation of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

Deadline has passed
Activities supported by this call for proposals aim to encourage a systemic use of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) in order to support the development and assessment of...

The .eu Web Awards

Deadline has passed
The five (5) Winners will receive the following: A custom trophy; A customised promotional video arranged and produced by EURid; A one-month (minimum) billboard advertising campaign in Brussels...

Brazil Tech Awards

Deadline has passed
The next edition of the Brazil Tech Award will happen at the end of November 2020. Stay tuned! Bring your innovation to Brazil First award supporting the expansion of european scale-ups companies...

Money Trail: exposing illicit finance

Deadline has passed
50.000 euro
Only intercontinental journalist teams consisting of at least one African, one Asian and/or one European journalist are eligible to apply. Each team must consist of journalists from at least two...