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Rolex Awards for Enterprise

10 days left
200,000 Swiss francs
The Rolex Awards identify and invest in exceptional people around the world who are carrying out pioneering projects. Rolex Laureates are of all nationalities and backgrounds. They are united by a...

The Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation

270 days left
CAD $ 15,000
The Foundation provides financial assistance, by way of grants, to young artists who are pursuing their studies or are in the early or developmental stage of their career, are working in a...

The Future Awards Africa

270 days left
The awards celebrate young people between the ages of 18 and 31, who have made outstanding achievement in the year under consideration. Forbes has described the awards as “Most important awards for...

The Leo Foundation awards

163 days left
100.000 USD
With our LEO Foundation Awards, we want to recognize the individual young researchers and scientists around the world, whose work represent extraordinary contributions to medical research and whose...

The Rosenberg Fund for Children

191 days left
Definitions/Limitations The RFC defines “targeted activist” as someone who as a result of their activism has: lost a job; suffered physical or mental injury or disability; been harassed or...

The World Food Prize

26 days left
The World Food Prize is the foremost international honor recognizing -- without regard to race, religion, nationality, or political beliefs -- the achievements of individuals who have advanced human...

WWF-India’s Small Grants Innovation Program

239 days left
With the aim of encouraging young Indians to respond innovatively and independently to the conservation issues which affect the country, WWF-India is offering eligible individuals a one-time grant of...

International Conference on Environmental Science and Development

120 days left
The Academics World 887th International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD) aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange...

Regional Studies Association

25 days left
Nominations (both self-nominations and third-party nominations) of current members are being sought for the following awards in regional studies and related fields: Nathaniel Lichfield Award –...

Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation – Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia

33 days left
This International Training Programme’s overarching objective is to contribute to improved planning and implementation of more sustainable urban water and sanitation services, where the rights,...

The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition

12 days left
The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition is an international science competition that enables students from all countries to prove their skills and to unleash their creativity in the...

Trophées Eiffel d’architecture acier 2020 – 6ème édition

55 days left
Ces prix s’inscrivent dans une perspective de promotion de l’architecture métallique et de ses concepteurs, architectes et ingénieurs. Ils ont aussi l’ambition de souligner les savoir-faire...