The Katherine A. Kendall Memorial Award

68 days left
Nominations are invited for the Prestigious Katherine A. Kendall Memorial Award for distinguished contribution to the development of social work education internationally.  The nominee can come from...

Apply to Join 2019 Cohort of Our Emerging African Leaders Program

68 days left
Launched in 2013, CSAAE is dedicated to harnessing the potential of young people and providing the kinds of tools and trainings that endow them with the capacities, competencies, and character...

Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

99 days left
US $1,000,000
As the world awaits the announcement of the 2019 Aurora Prize Laureate, nominations open for the 2020 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity. This global annual award, launched by the Aurora Humanitarian...

Fondation Mérieux : programme de lutte contre les maladies infectieuses

374 days left
5000 euros
Les projets sélectionnés recevront un soutien financier d’un montant maximum de 5000 euros. Deux sessions annuelles sont organisées afin d’étudier les candidatures.

Gordon Darling Foundation

251 days left
What does the Gordon Darling Foundation support? The Foundation provides funding for a range of visual arts projects Australia-wide. Funding may be provided for: catalogues and publications...

Innovation Time

7 days left
5.000 Euros
L’innovation Time est la session de présentation de 3 success stories en matière d’innovation pendant le Rebranding Africa Forum. L’Innovation Awards ou le prix de l’Innovation est...

Les Pan African Awards

23 days left
Les Pan African Awards reconnaissent les organisations d’origine africaine et basées en Afrique s’attaquant au manque de compétence, à l'insécurité financière et au sous-emploi par le biais...

The Millennium Technology Prize

7 days left
The Millennium Technology Prize encourages further cutting-edge research and development and is thus not intended as a reward for lifetime achievement. The Prize highlights the Finnish practical and...

The Realscreen Awards

58 days left
In a high-profile presentation at Realscreen Summit in New Orleans, we will pay tribute to outstanding content from around the world at the industry’s global celebration of non-fiction and...

The WSA Young Innovators

7 days left
The WSA Young Innovators is a special call within the framework of WSA, that promotes and awards young social entrepreneurs. The WSA Young Innovators is a special recognition for young people under...

UAE SDG Photography Award

7 days left
The UAE SDG Photography Award recognizes the immense power of images, to helping us raise awareness as a globally community reach the goals of a better world in unique way. The award was created to...

Womenconnect Challenge

2 days left
Advancing women’s digital connectivity is key to promoting their empowerment in an increasingly digital world At the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump and...